Saturday, May 6, 2017

It's a year and a half later and....I'm doing great.

Hi all!  Not sure what made me think of my blog this morning but since it's been so long, just thought I'd post to say that I've been great.  It's crazy to think it's been so long since my takedown procedure and in hindsight the entire process - the two surgeries and the lead up and follow up - really flew by.

And, as cliche as it's going to sound, I feel like I have my life back and my only regret is waiting as long as I did.  I heard many other j-pouchers tell me this before I went in for my first surgery and I am SO grateful that I can now say the same.  Are the surgeries scary?  Yes.  Are the surgeries painful?  Heck yes.  Is having a j-pouch perfect all the time?  No.  But it is way better than having moderate/severe UC; like, to the point where I'd undergo the surgeries again if I had to.

So, yeah, I'm doing great.  I hope you are too.